Center for Visual Arts in Sombor

Vladimir Kulic

Vladimir Kulic, Center for Visual Arts in Sombor, 1994



Certain places in town stay empty for a long time. This is one of them.

Emptiness is similar to chaos. It has no structure, so it can't be described.

Structure enables perception. The simpler the law according to which the structure is being formed, the clearer the perception.

Superimposition of the effects of simple laws creates the richness of the world.

Just like a man, a house grows too, driven by its internal laws and limited/directed by laws that are forced upon it from outside.

The structure thus pulsates, flickers among numerous combinations of possibilities, until the moment when it becomes fixed in the optimal configuration.

That way time - the moment of decision to "capture" a particular structure - becomes an equirelevant element in the process of creating.