Infrastructure Wave 

Puente Saavedra, Buenos Aires

Marcin Orawiec, Ina-Marie Orawiec,
Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Mercedez Morchon,
Marcelo Graciarena 

CAyC Gold Medal (Centro del Arte y Comunicacion, Buenos Aires)

Connecting BA with Uruguay by extending the existing axis of the highway structure over the Rio de la Plata.

Creating a new environment for the possible end of the bridge link.

Questioning the possibility of introducing water and greenery into the city at its very edge.

Putting all rapid communication activities one above the other.

Making the structure wave-form so as to symbolize constant movement of people and their vehicles.

Giving meanings to the wave-form volumes - infra-waves - related to the city structure and to the non-volumes as the extension of the empty space between two countries.

Superimposing layers of the divided rectangular city edge urban matrix and the new infra-wave structure.

Giving relevant meaning to the urban space at the city border.

Changing the city edge atmosphere by means of mobile metaphoric structures, such as 
"moving hills".
Infra-Wave, Puente Saavedra,
Buenos Aires 1993