TIMEWALL - Stage design for contemporary dance, St.Mark's Church, New York City  

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The stage design for Gina Gibney's "Time Remaining" intends to reflect on the impact of time on both the material and the configuration of architectural elements - and this forms a wall made of re-configurable units. By translating both decay and endurance, the modular stage set pieces at one moment are a static backdrop or a line bordering the stage; then they become mere fractures of the whole, remnants for the dancers to interact with. While the impact of time is reflected onto the material, the material influences the perception of time by its artificiality that is timeless yet subject to change. Both massive and light, the pieces are cut from plastic composites by using CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology, where the material is literally eroded by a beam of water into its final shape. Yet once on the stage, the elements of the set take on many shapes; rotating, turning and laid on the floor, they are at the same time pieces of a large assembly, and individual elements within their curvature the dancers will find shells, backrests and seats.
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