SLALOM CITY MARIBOR, SLOVENIA, Europan 2003, Preselected projects  

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The crisis of the city is expressed differently in the European Union than in developing countries. Instead of blaming village culture that continuously wash away the cities as the waves do to a sandy Ocean beach, EU is blaming suburbia...from being so tamed, so not aggressive and so not a source of any possible redefinition of the city. Thus is the directive of the Europan 7 competition series for housing across Europe: do not redefine the city, redefine the suburbia. Especially in a country like Slovenia, former communist republic of less former ruins of Yugoslavia this call has a makeover touch. Maribor, the second city in Slovenia cannot count on its beauties like the capital. But being close to Austrian border, once the border disappears, will join a see of sameness, self-similar sprawls between beautiful cities like Vienna and Ljubljana.
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