RUBBER BAR - Swiss Institute Contemporary Art New York 

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This bar in a gallery is a place to relax, converse and reflect in often highly charged art content exposed at the SINY [Swiss Institute Contemporary Art]. The bar is conceived as a gathering place, day or night, with a possibility to view pieces from a large video art collection at the SINY. You can come in, take a look at the current works in the exhibition, ask the barmen about the ideas and contexts, order a good espresso from the bar as well as view some of the most prominent video works stored in SINY library. The rubber makes the bar an odd object in the gallery. The black rubber is a comment on neutrality. How can anything be neutral in an already neutral surroundings like the Swiss politics? By being odd, having odd finish, not exposing details about your life, but just life itself, by presenting a number of general points instead of dwelling on commercial pointing to resources, the Rubber Bar stands there as a reminder of being, but not a agent of imposing. Everybody loves to lean on soft surfaces, and everybody loves to relax, not feel used, not feel a part of other party’s income and loves to be in situations to meet new friends. The Rubber Bar is is soft, easy to clean, easy to accept as an alien object and easy to keep on going with it as a mass that occupies space. Like a whale, it dives in and out of our memory in waves. 
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