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Z-BLOCKS, Light modular furniture for catalyzing social space, Video;

REPURPOSE PHILADELPHIA, Recycling canopy for community gatherings;

VILLA 62 ORDOS, House that collects weather, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China;

NURSERY, Models for a healthy city in the Western Balkans;

CREMATORIUM, Building at the Municipal cemetery, Novi Sad;

SLOUGHT ADMINISTRATION OFFICES, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia;

YONA FRIEDMAN: ABOUT CITIES, Collaboration with the visionary architect at The Drawing Center in New York;

THE PANONNIAN BOAT, Fish-market and the square in a city on river Danube;

TECHNOSAIC, Adaptation of a private residence in California;

HANDBALL STADIUM, Center for Recreation and New Media, Novi Sad;

HILLTOPIA, Turning voids into shared hills, Philadelphia;

BAZIL, Asylum for Dogs and Cats in a former US Army base, Bosnia and Herzegovina;

RUBBER BAR, Swiss Institute Contemporary Art, New York;

CITY GALLERY BELGRADE, Republic Square, Belgrade, Serbia;

HOUSING FOR ELDERLY SOCIALISTS, in a post-socialist town;

SLALOM CITY, Maribor, Europan competition, Slovenia;

SCIENCE SCHOOL CAMPUS, in Southern Serbia;

PARTICIPANT INC, Rennovation of a cult art space at the Lower East Side, New York;

TIME WALL, Set design for contemporary dance performed at St.Marks Church, New York;

RICE FIELD ORIGAMI, Northern Style Housing competition, Aomori, Japan;

BLUR, Prize Winning scheme, 2G International Competition for the Head Office of Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona, Spain.


NAO / project credits

image above: Yona Friedman: About Cities at The Drawing Center, New York. NAO.NYC designed and installed the exhibit.