LINA BO BARDI & MASP - exhibition & symposium Columbia University, New York

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By creating an autonomous frame-structure, the restraining spatial conditions of the traditional corridor space (doors, pilasters, and signage) become a mere background for the newly created layer of surface for mounting the exhibition. This design strategy allows for showing all 35 panels of 1m by 1m (which were curated by Marcelo Carvalho Ferraz and the Instituto Lina Bo e P.M Bardi) in their full extent and for viewing the exhibition in an apprehensive sequence (as opposed to wColumbia University, New Yorkall-mounted panels disappearing between doors and wall fragments). Speakers at the symposium were: Kenneth Frampton, art historian (introduction and moderation); Marcelo Carvalho Ferraz, Instituto Lina Bo e P.M. Bardi, São Paulo; Ruth Verde Zein, architect and critic, McKenzie University, São Paulo; and Esther da Costa Meyer, art historian, Princeton University.
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