HOUSING FOR ELDERLY SOCIALISTS in a post-socialist town 

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How can we build for rapidly aging population in Europe? The statistics report that in some countries more than a third of the people are older than 50. This phenomenon, not entirely depending on the level of the country's development status (Italy and Serbia for example share the same percentage of the elderly population) will have to be addressed by architectural decisions in the future to come. Many questions and concerns are involved, however one seems to be the most pressing: now, when the cities are getting more and more populated by a younger professional generation, which by the statistics is in the minority to the elderly one, where can the elderly feel to be a continuing part of the population?...A new Florida? A new contingent of the exported pensioners from Japan to Brazil or other 'heaven' on earth? Or another generational ghetto-like situation for the elderly like the ageing Chelsea in New York?...more>>
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