BaZIL - Asylum for Dogs and Cats, Brcko, Bosnia and Hercegovina  

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Situated within the former US military base McGovern in Brcko, Bosnia and Hercegovina, a border zone between recent human warriors, Asylum for Dogs and Cats has a mission to find home for a large number of stray pets, another collateral effect of human disaster. A veterinary station, public education, homing and adoption as well as active training is to be spread across a soccer-like sized field of gravel cleaned up neatly by American soldiers. Forty-nine cages, each with a capacity of five dogs are arranged in a suburban like housing scheme added by a linear pool of water which is crossed by a number of short bridges accessible for cleaning vehicles. Besides animal care, main building contains public areas and is topped by an observation deck overlooking the entire complex of the Asylum....more>>
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